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Set in the fervently religious town of Salem, Arthur Miller's The Crucible deals with judgement and the consequences of personal actions in a dogmatic society. The Crucible and Political Theater; Movie Adaptations; Full Book Quiz; Section Quizzes; Act 1, part 1; Act 1, part 2; Act 1, part 3; Act 2; Act 3; Act 4-Epilogue; Character List; Analysis of Major Characters; Theme, Motifs, and Symbols; Study Questions; Suggestions for Further Reading; Companion Texts

One idea which Arthur Miller develops is that of intolerance for sin, among other...It's an important theme because the whole witch trial episode is being driven by mass hysteria. The examples of where guilt are seen is John Proctor's guilt for...There is a definite difference between a theme and a moral. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Crucible, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

The society of Salem has an unquestioning belief in its Puritan faith: if their faith says there are witches, then there must be witches. The Crucible - Themes. The result of this revelation is that Corey’s wife is imprisoned and Giles himself is accused and killed for witchcraft. As a character, John Proctor strives towards individual freedom, questioning the rules of the society he lives in. Giles Corey also brings about unintended consequences when he tells Reverend Hale that his wife sometimes hides books she is reading from him. The girls fail to anticipate the consequences of their lies.

Proctor says he hasn't taken his baby to be baptized because he sees "no light of God" in Parris, and he is warned that it is not for him to decide: “The man's ordained, therefore the light of God is in him.” Similarly, his adultery does not pain him because he violated one of the ten commandments, but rather because he betrayed his wife Elizabeth’s trust.
The Crucible Themes to Look For and Discuss Fear / Paranoia / Hysteria. She abides by the same ethos as her husband.

Another example is Tituba’s false confession. You’ll be hanged soon. The desire to protect one's reputation drives some of She admits to having performed witchcraft in hopes of ending her master’s beating, and this prompts the girls in Salem to punish many of their neighbors by accusing them. Parris asks Danforth to postpone Proctor and Rebecca’s executions in Act IV after Abigail and Mercy run away, which casts doubt on the entire trial. (Click the themes infographic to download.). When he refuses to have his confession published, she tells him “Do what you will. Characters that are deemed “good” have no intellectual certainty. Miller wrote the play as an allegory for McCarthyism, when the United States government persecuted people accused of being communists.

While it’s clearly a thing of the past for Proctor, Abigail still thinks she stands a chance to win him over and uses the accusations of witchcraft to get rid of Proctor’s wife.

in Classics from the Catholic University of Milan, where she studied Greek, Old Norse, and Old English.Biography of Martha Corey, Last Woman Hung in the Salem Witch TrialsBiography of Elizabeth Parris, Accuser in the Salem Witch Trials In the play, witchcraft is to be feared, but an even bigger concern is the reaction of society as a whole. Set in the fervently religious town of Salem, Arthur Miller's

Quotes related to Justice within The Crucible. Reverend Hale comes to believe that truth has little power in Salem and, abandoning his Christian principles, counsels those convicted of witchcraft to falsely confess in order to save themselves from execution.One's reputation is paramount in Salem—an idea that is highlighted through several different characters. Learn how the author incorporated them and why. The Proctors, more subtly, favor statements such as “I think” rather than “I know”.

Paradoxically, his overwhelming desire to preserve his reputation, or "good name," is what prevents John—ordinarily a good and moral man—from doing the right thing: though he knows the girls are lying, he is reluctant to expose them when doing so may reveal that he had an affair with Abigail. The fear of judgement and social punishment opens a floodgate of confessions and accusations, which lead to an atmosphere of mass hysteria. These lies ultimately destroy the community of Salem.The play explores how during the Salem witch trials, mass hysteria allowed personal motives to supersede logic and justice. Yet, this surface shows numerous cracks. But let none be your judge. Mass hysteria makes people forget about common sense and about “elemental decencies.” Its danger lies in the fact that it suppresses rational thought, so that even good people such as Rebecca Nurse fall victim to a society plagued by mass hysteria. When he himself is accused of witchcraft, John comes to realize that his good name can only be preserved by telling the truth. Giles Corey and Rebecca Nurse, both illiterate, rely on common sense and experience. Abigail exploits this hysteria for her own interests: she terrifies Mary to the point that her thoughts are completely paralyzed, and, whenever she feels threatened, she resorts to hysterics, which “billow up such persuasive clouds of ‘mysterious feelings' within people.”

Everyone is suddenly afraid that Satan is among them and must be driven out (even though there is no... include the destructive power of lies, the importance of reputation, and hysteria and corruption. All works of literature have multiple themes, ranging from the very subtle to the obvious.

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