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And the video for ‘Joy’ is unlike anything we’ve ever done and will hopefully be really funny and effective.”There’s another tour coming, a club nights tour that’s already sold out, where Bastille will play tiny venues in towns outside of the usual touring circuit, complete with old school rave flyers as the tour posters. We’re really aware of that.”“With this album, part of our desire to make something about escapism was, having toured ‘Wild World’ for a few years, we wanted to step away from those serious topics for a minute, but I guess we’ve tripped back into them. Doom Days Lyrics. The first proper introduction to this new era is a side of Bastille that might have been missed by casual listeners on previous records. And the party that’s going on throughout the record isn’t the boys out on the town; it’s a grubby British house party that ends on the kitchen floor.“You wanna feel like the conversations are happening with three people sitting in an empty bathtub at three in the morning,” Dan says. “So I wanted to write this rolling script of these worries and take the piss out of it and poke fun at ourselves. The Doom Days record is a conceptual journey that takes place over the course of one night, during which Dan Smith attends an "apocalyptic party."

“Initially, we started out wanting to make a completely escapist, euphoric, like almost like retro rave record, and you can hear some of that in some of the breaks in a bunch of the tracks, but inevitably it deviated from that and became a much more wide-reaching record.”And that story of partying through the apocalypse isn’t limited to a literal apocalypse. For it to feel fresh and exciting and for it to feel like its own self-contained, artistic thing.”Of course, a lot has changed in the world outside of pop since the release of ‘Wild World’ too, and Bastille know that.

The ‘Still Avoiding Tomorrow’ tour at the start of this year introduced fans to this new universe and the central concept of ‘Doom Days’ – a house party amidst the apocalypse – but also gave room for both the band and the fans to celebrate the mixtapes too. But a lot happened in that time that set back the release of ‘Doom Days’.“We always try and make it quick, but it always just ends up being about three years,” notes Kyle.

It should be cathartic, so not everyone wants to have a political opinion rammed down their throat. ‘Those Nights’, we wanted it to feel like a slightly more artistic statement; one of the videos we made was like a violent comedy. And in the case of this song in particular, this does not refer to some fictitious, future-based scenario but rather life as we know it … In fact he sarcastically refers to the internet-based, electronic-media realm as the “real world” and “real life”, once again alluding the pervasive of its usage. “So you’ll go into a room, there’ll be props and actors and performers and projections, and you’ll be wearing a pair of headphones, and you have three options. And he has decided that, if only for a night, he wants to spend some quality time with his woman in the form focusing exclusively on their direct-personal interactions. “We wanted to represent ‘Doom Days’ in spirit and visually, and via dropping a new song, ‘4AM’, and a kind of alternative version of ‘Million Pieces’ and to play a bunch of songs off the mixtape that we’ll probably never play again.”“It’s also nice to give the mixtape its own space,” Kyle adds, “because they’re normally just for fun and a bit throwaway in the spectrum of things, but it was nice to let it have its space, while also setting up for the new album.”Dan continues: “I guess as we have been lucky enough to continue doing this, we realised more and more that we wanted to treat each tour as its own separate, self-contained thing - both for people that come to the shows and for us. Anyone that spends time with me will know that and everyone is constantly ripping me for it, which is completely fair enough cos it’s a bit awful. The first half of the record deals with escapism and running away from reality, which can also be read as the start of the night out. L ast week, Bastille reemerged with single “Doom Days,” which doubles as the title track off their long awaited third album.

I’m one of the worst people for being glued to my phone. ‘Doom Days’ also ended up being held behind so it got its own moment to shine, away from worldwide hits (they’ve got it hard these pop stars, you know), off-cycle tours and mixtape releases. The entire project is rooted in an “ apocalyptic ” setting. We ended up having to get a studio in Melbourne to record [them].” Watch the full video interview with Bastille about ‘Doom Days’ above now.Bastille will take the album on the road this summer as they play a series of festival slots, including appearances at Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds.

Support: Joywave GA Show All-ages Wednesday, October 9 , 2019 Doors: 6:30 PM Show: 7:30 PM Bastille Official Website Listen to Bastille Hear their latest single "Anna Maria".Nate "Rocket" Wonder and Roman GianArthur composed a thrilling neo-classical score for Janelle Monáe's new film, As the Chefs, a former Georgia Satellite and a former Heartbreaker cook up a full platter of the tasty instrumentals on Americana trio Front Country's "The Reckoning" is a healing hymnal that focuses on the positive shifts amidst times of pandemic and social/political strife.Fans of Billie Eilish, Chelsea Cutler, and Jessie Reyez will find elements of the familiar here, but River Hooks proves herself as an artist with her own voice working in a well-honored tradition. I speak fluent sarcasm and converse in movie quotes. That was an interesting experience,” says Dan.“We’re always working on new stuff; you just have to be adaptable and try to enjoy it. We just wanted it to be this collective but individual experience, to sort of riff off the record, and expand on the world of it a bit, and try something new that we’ve never done before.”They’ve had a lot of fun with this album cycle so far, and as it all unravels, it’s clear how thankful Bastille are to be able to create such immersive albums and experiences that are lapped up by legions of fans. The frontman described ‘Doom Days’ as “one of the more quickly turned around and difficult to achieve tracks” that the band have produced.

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