View entire discussion ( 4 comments) More posts from the CODZombies community. Raid is unquestionably the most balanced map in Black Ops II.Standoff is a classic COD map located in a town in Kyrgyzstan that borders China. Black Ops III made the third Nuketown map, properly calling it "Nuk3town." BO2: maps du multiplayer BO2: maps du multiplayer. Enjoy the DLC's Packs :grinning: What's Included in the DLC Pack? googletag.enableServices() There are buttons located near the center, allowing players to get underground from a hatch.

A COD collection with weapons, maps, NPC, moddel, vehicle and more! A majority of the map will have at least someone fighting in it, making it perfect for full matches. Having to watch out for mines and enemy players make this an interesting map. All game modes worked well, and it is just as fast-paced as Nuketown. googletag.defineSlot(window._sectionAndPostAdSettings+'/feed_1x1', [1, 1], 'div-gpt-{{}}-content-ad').addService(googletag.pubads()); Grid offers a lot of indoor fighting, having two buildings across from each other players can take over.Outside the buildings there are snowy hills covered in grass, giving snipers a good spot to hide and watch for enemies. Steam Workshop: Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It is no wonder the Spetsnaz have invaded Area 51, as there may be alien technology around.Players are able to enter the stadium and fight close to the hockey rink, while also fighting in close-quarter combat around the statue found outside. Shotguns and SMGs are a necessity for frequent skirmishes in the bar, and if you can survive, the flanking route is a good one. Grid offers different play styles, making it enjoyable for many players.The map offers a lot of close-quarter combat, making it hard to snipe in this map. On top of that, I always get great gameplay - the map has a good flow.The top 4 maps on my list are in a tier of their own, well above the other 11 maps previously ranked. With fighting occurring everywhere, players have to make sure to watch their back.This map is the closest most players are going to get to visiting Havana, so take advantage of it.

googletag.display('div-gpt-{{}}-content-ad'); I would describe skirmishes inside the tower as "uncomfortable" because it was too spread apart to attack from one side with a pistol, and too congested with all the pillars to effectively snipe. Des points d'étranglement pimentent les combats rapprochés intenses.Ville frontalière entre la Chine et le Kirghizistan. }); This map really makes shotgun welding enemies a real annoying threat.There is a grassy hillside on the edge of the map, making it a good place for snipers. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. 3.8k. isFeed1x1=false; So, me being the COD nerd that I am, I decided to make my own list (excluding all DLC maps other than Nuketown 2025).Here is my Black Ops II multiplayer map rankings, counting down to the best:Located at a nuclear power plant in Pakistan, Meltdown is a supposedly action-packed map that offers a three-lane avenue and exciting objectives. The only reason Nuketown 2025 isn't first on this list is because I played it so much that for just a short period of time, it got a bit old.Located on a luxurious yacht in the ocean, Hijacked is (in my opinion) the best multiplayer map in Black Ops II. Beaucoup de combats à distance autour du centre, et des combats rapprochés dynamiques dans le compelxe.Gare de train à grande vitesse de Los Angeles. As time went on, I saw it for what it was and grew to really enjoy Carrier.Yemen is located in the urban streets of Yemen. I get my best BO2 gameplay from this map, and there's nothing that will move it from the top of these rankings.So there you have it! } The 3rd map pack, Vengeance, adds: Cove, Detour, Rush, Uplink and Buried.