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Posted by 2 months ago. Mastering Fanny will definitely take you a lot of time and patience. Spend a sacred orb and you can cast it again, up to four times.Kaja has a bit of an identity crisis. After all, her sniper is always ready.How can someone so cute be effective and annoying at the same time? The musician marksman’s arsenal of skills is remarkable with his smooth Dashrondo, escape tactics and coordinated body motion.Granger still boasts high burst damage even with the recent nerf. Molina morphs and slows down enemies for 1.5 seconds. Because of that, Granger has very few weaknesses, if any. He gains bonus critical damage based on his shots, has a burst attack “Rhapsody,” and can zip around the field. If that isn’t bad enough, using any of his abilities will trigger his passive “Frigid Breath,” creating an area of frigid cold around him. Freya’s passive “Power of Einherjar” makes her playstyle possible. Without a doubt, he’s one of the deadliest and sleekest shooters in the league. Hoot! He fits well in a variety of roles—support, mage, fighter, assassin—but traditionally he’s right at home as a support. Any enemy nearby will have their movement speed and attack speed slowed significantly, while Atlas gains a bonus to magic and physical defense. Guides. What is Elite Pass in Free Fire?
He uses 6 bullets at a time, with the 6He’s a consistently picked hero in rank for consecutive months, with performance accurate from start to finish. His playstyle relies on messing with your opponent.

In need of massive damage to push during team clash? On that same note, a more rewarding kit typically coincides with a higher skill ceiling.Atlas isn’t your typical meat shield, this squid is bringing a frustrating amount of CC to the table, making him the go-to for advanced players. What Karrie lacks is reliable mobility. Her new Mecha Baby skin adds grit and spank to her character. Hear ye! Slaying him will require major bargaining.His first skill sprays enemies with a flamethrower to deal up to 100 Physical Damage. The main reason Harith fits in Tier 2: he’s usually banned, and for good reason. He specializes in dismantling crowd control effect with an imposing ultimate by creating temporary immunity to shield the team. Kagura is one of the most difficult heroes to learn and has some of the best skills in mobile legends. Cast “Power of Nature” and you’ll damage nearby enemies, but cast it near a wall and you’ll become immune to crowd control effects. Not near a wall? When Grock is near walls or a turret, he gets a healthy bonus to magic and physical defense, as well as HP regeneration.
It’s essential to take him as your main tank with his strong crowd control. Look no further!To make things more interesting, the spell curse left by Esmeralda buffs the range of his next basic attack for several seconds.You can’t spell tactical without Lesley and her camouflage and knockback abilities. Not every hero is cut out for high level meta play.We’ve ranked these heroes based on how rewarding their kit is when played correctly. After using an ability, she gains bonus attack speed for the next two basic attacks. And if you’re persistent, you can even go for the kill. “Guardian’s Barrier” lets you create walls and damage opponents. His Firaga armor can take a beating before breaking, and with how easy it is to rebuild the armor, you need serious coordination to bring him down.

Granger. This ghostly marksman/assassin from Vance with her heirloom rifle, delivers superb critical damage and big advantage with her long-range skills…Her Ultimate Snipe locks in enemy targets and blasts 4 fatal bullets of physical damage.

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